Build your business instead of just running
it with Method:CRM
and Zapier

Say goodbye to double data entry for good by connecting Method:CRM to Zapier. 

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Why you'll love using Method:CRM and Zapier

In just a few clicks, you can easily integrate Method:CRM with all your favorite apps via Zapier.

Keep everyone on the same page

Eliminate confusion, reduce mistakes, and boost productivity for everyone on your team with a CRM that integrates with Zapier. Connect Method:CRM and Zapier to let information flow throughout your organization.

Get down to business anytime, from anywhere

You’ll always have access to the information you need when you connect your favorite apps via Zapier. From closing deals at home to creating estimates and invoices on the go, you’ll never miss an opportunity to grow your business.

Automate your workflows end-to-end

Imagine a world without manual data entry. By connecting Method:CRM and Zapier, this becomes your reality as Zapier pushes information, such as new leads, from your favorite apps directly into Method:CRM.

Our favorite Method:CRM Zaps

Using Method:CRM and Zapier gives you access to over 2,000 app integrations — which is exciting, but can also be daunting. To help you narrow down which integrations you should take advantage of, here’s a list of our favorite Method:CRM Zaps.

Facebook Lead Ads

Simplify your social media marketing by using Zapier to automatically send prospective buyers who engage with your Facebook ads to Method:CRM as new leads. Better yet, this automation instantly schedules a follow-up activity in Method:CRM for every new Facebook Lead Ads prospect you get — making it easier than ever to convert your Facebook followers into paying customers.

Gravity Forms

Automate your lead management process with the Method:CRM and Gravity Forms Zap template. Use this integration to effortlessly:

Streamline your business with Method:CRM

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Method:CRM features with instant sync with Quickbooks

Streamline your business with Method:CRM

Start your 14-day free trial — no credit card, no contract.

Start your 14-Day Free Trial.
No Credit Card. No Contract.

  • Send contact info from Gravity Forms to Method:CRM
  • Create contacts and follow-up activities for Gravity Forms leads in Method:CRM


Make tracking your sales outreach efforts easier than ever. Connect Method:CRM with RingCentral to instantly log the phone and text conversations you have with prospects and customers as sales activities. For tips on how to best use this Zap.

Creating your own Method:CRM Zaps

The power of a Zapier CRM lies in its ability to connect all of the solutions you use to run your business. So if you didn’t see the integration you were looking for above, don’t worry — you can always create your own workflow using the Zap editor.

The best part about building your own Zaps is that it’s simple and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Plus, by connecting your other software solutions to your CRM, you can enjoy the advantages of integrated software applications such as:

  • Having up-to-date information across your different apps and teams 
  • Spending less time searching for the data you need 
  • Being more productive because you don’t have to jump between apps

All of which let you focus on what matters most — growing your business.


Stop leads from slipping through the cracks by connecting Method:CRM with Unbounce via Zapier. Use this Zap to automatically add new Unbounce leads to Method:CRM, instantly create a sales follow-up activity, and make managing your contacts simpler than ever before.


Keep everyone on the same page by using this Zap template to instantly notify your team of new Method:CRM sales opportunities in your preferred Slack channel.

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Check out more of our favorite Zaps that will make your life easier.

Build your business instead of just running
it with Method:CRM
and Zapier